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Why use Fly MultiTracks?

Experience the transformative power of backing multitracks in your worship service

Heighten Worship Engagement

Empowered by our high-quality MultiTracks, worship leaders and musicians can direct more energy toward engaging the congregation and creating a spiritually uplifting atmosphere. With the technical aspects of music production streamlined, worship teams have the freedom to connect with the audience, leading them in a deeply meaningful worship experience.

Integrating Fly MultiTracks into your worship service is a practical and highly effective method for enhancing your music ministry. It ensures a consistent, high-quality sound, offers musical flexibility, and provides a vast song library, all while demanding minimal equipment. Whether you lead a small or large congregation, Fly MultiTracks can help you create a more engaging and spiritually fulfilling worship experience for your congregation. Give it a try and witness the positive impact it can have on your worship services.

These tracks are widely regarded as best in class.

Our multitracks are the same high quality tracks as in our subscription based player product Fly Worship

Enhanced Sound

Our MultiTracks will enable you to achieve unparalleled sound quality. Professionally recorded and expertly mixed, these multitracks deliver a polished and finely-tuned sound that can be challenging to attain with a live band alone. The result is a more immersive and impactful worship experience, where every instrument and vocal resonates with crystal-clear clarity.


Fly MultiTracks offer an unparalleled level of musical flexibility for your worship team. You can effortlessly tailor the key, tempo, and arrangement of a song to match the abilities and preferences of your musicians. This adaptability is especially valuable when working with a changing roster of musicians or volunteers with varying musical skills.


It’s straightforward, requiring minimal equipment such as a computer, audio interface, and sound system. This simplicity enables churches of all sizes to take advantage of Fly Multitracks, regardless of their technical resources.


Fly MultiTracks ensure a consistent sound from one service to the next, regardless of the musicians involved. This is particularly crucial for churches with multiple worship teams or services, ensuring a seamless and high-quality musical experience every time.

Smaller churches or congregations with limited resources can harness the power of backing multitracks to produce a full and dynamic sound, even with a minimal band. This adaptability levels the playing field, ensuring that smaller worship teams can provide a musical experience on par with larger churches.